2020 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum


Daniel Kindler

PO Blockchain-based Rail Control System
DB Systel GmbH


Is a member of Blockchain Crew at DB Systel with a current focus on blockchain in the infrastructure and logistics business areas and a member of the ValueITplus Blockchain corporate program at Deutsche Bahn AG. He studied industrial engineering at the DHBW Mannheim. He then worked in the areas of production planning and quality management at DB Cargo and accompanied various strategic programmes. He later switched to the business development of DB Netz AG, where he helped to steer the company's EBIT optimisation programme. Since Oct. 2016 he has been portfolio strategist at DB Systel and investigates trends such as IoT, AI, Immersive Technology and Blockchain. DB Systel has been working on the blockchain technology trend since Oct. 2016 and is actively driving forward the Group program "ValueIT plus Blockchain" in order to make the advantages of blockchain technology available for the Group companies and can report on experience already gained with blockchain solutions used productively.