2020 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum


Heather Dahl



Heather Dahl is CEO of Indicio.tech. She was previously executive director and CEO of Sovrin Foundation, a public service utility enabling self-sovereign digital identity on the internet. She is Co-Founder of CynjaTech which provides microledger data security, encrypted communication channels and guardianship tools for blockchain technology. For over a decade, Heather has been at the forefront of emerging technologies in cybersecurity, data & analytics and technical infrastructure, digital identity, privacy and has received industry recognition for creating best practices in innovation research. As a business leader and entrepreneur with experience in enterprise, nonprofit, and a Big Four consulting firm, she has taken legacy organizations through the process of digital transformation, leveraging technology to build sustainable and profitable futures. Heather is also an award-winning network news leader and journalist having held posts as Chair of the National Press Foundation Board, Chairman of the Congressional Radio & Television Correspondents Association, Board Chairman for Sense about Science USA. She was a Senior Producer at the Fox New Channel Washington Bureau and has experience covering news for Public Radio International, KUOW Seattle, PBS NewsHour, National Public Radio, C-SPAN and Reuters TV. Heather also served on the staff of U.S. Senator Gordon H. Smith from her home state of Oregon. She is co-author and creator of The Cynja children’s book series that teaches kids of all ages about cybersecurity. Heather holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins, an M.S. from Columbia University and is a graduate of Willamette University.