2020 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum


Ali Akram

Digital Finance Expert


Ali Akram is a Digital Finance Expert with over 10 years’ expertise in use of innovative and technology-driven solutions for building inclusive economies and achieving development goals. Lending his technical expertise, he has led efforts to enhance financial inclusion and accelerate development of DFS ecosystems across Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Ali has vast experience in working with regulators, assisting formulation of regulations and policies that support an inclusive digital economy. He has also led the design and deployment of Regulatory technology ‘RegTech’ solutions that enable evidence-based policy making. These solutions are aiding central banks in Zambia, Nepal and Ethiopia regulate and supervise the financial and remittances sectors more effectively and efficiently. Ali has also been overseeing the pilot of a novel project that leverages blockchain for providing financing to Nepali migrants against remittances. The project will create the opportunity for launching a broader suite of innovative savings and credit products for migrants and their families, with the use of innovative technologies like blockchain.