2020 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum


Deanna MacDonald

CEO of Bloc. & Co-Founder


Deanna MacDonald is the co-founder and CEO of BLOC, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration, a blockchain and digital solutions provider for the energy and maritime sectors with a focus on anti- corruption and decarbonisation. She is a political economist by training and has over a decade of industry experience in developing, applying and scaling technology within trade, energy, health and agriculture. Deanna is a global speaker on blockchain technology, new forms of governance and business models. She is an educator at numerous executive leadership programs in the private sector, and is a guest lecturer at multiple universities. Most recently at MIT, Columbia Business School and Wharton, where she is course leader for the Emeritus Institute of Management. Deanna is also a regular peer-reviewer for, and special advisor to the World Bank, United Nations, the Conservation Futures and Luc Hoffman Institute