2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

Mar 25th | 2:00 pm CET - 03:00 pm CET

REPLAY: COVID, small-scale trade & border corruption in East Africa


This session was organised by Global Integrity, Knowledge Partner of the virtual 2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum - please scroll down for the recording. Crossing borders is a strategy used by many vulnerable populations in an age of inequality and climate crisis. Borders are governed by complex rules and bureaucracy that present ample opportunities for corruption, producing hardship and rights abuses that often have significant gender dimensions. Applying a gender lens, this conversation will draw on new research that looks at how COVID restrictions at borders are impacting small scale cross border traders in East Africa. What happened to bribery and harassment with Covid restrictions and how are these dynamics gendered? What can Covid impacts tell us about how corruption operates more generally at these borders and about strategies traders use to keep their businesses alive when facing shocks? As economic activities resume Post-Covid, what have we learned to improve trader conditions, build social resilience and reduce extraction from vulnerable populations at these borders? Moderator: Jacqueline Klopp, GI-ACE researcher Panelists: David Orega, Director of Partnerships, Sauti Africa Lornah Wahome, Research Manager, Busara Center, GI-ACE researcher Eleanor Wiseman Phd Candidate, Economics, University of California Berkeley Website: https://ace.globalintegrity.org/