2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

Mar 25th | 11:30 am CET - 01:00 pm CET

REGISTER: Public monitoring of COVID-19 related expenses in Eurasia countries


This session needs to be registered for separately from the Forum - scroll down to access the registration form, or copy the link into your browser: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMlce-uqzspGtFyql0VutIu8na-Jk6O8Xex This session is organised by the Zertteu Research Institute, Knowledge Partner of the virtual 2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum. The language of this session is English. Coronavirus has affected everyone, regardless of social status, age, or income level. During peak periods (in CIS countries- summer 2020), when clinics were packed, people suffered from a critical lack of medications, citizens started to pay attention to the state health care system, publicly expressing their dissatisfaction with the way how the budget money is spent. Civil society organizations continue to play a crucially important role in monitoring, analyzing, clarifying, and making corona- expenses data publicly accessible and available through social media. Public monitoring is clearly an opportunity for CSOs and citizens for strengthening anti-corruption efforts in the ongoing context of COVID-19. This session will shed light on the practical experience of civil society organizations from several Eurasia countries and their outcomes and tangible effect on COVID- related expenses. The list of speakers (name, job title and organisation): - Mrs. Sholpan Aitenova, Director, PF Zertteu Research Institute, Kazakhstan - Mr. Yurii Romashko, Director, Institute of Analytics and Advocacy, Ukraine - Mrs. Ekaterina Reznikova, Data Team Journalist, and Mr. Khakim Davurov, Data Team Programmer, Kloop, Kyrgyzstan - Mr. Viktor Nestulia, Senior Manager, ECA at Open Contracting Partnership - Mrs. Tatyana Sedova, Expert, PF Zertteu Research Institute, Kazakhstan- moderator Organisation's website: https://zertteu.org/