Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector

Side Sessions Agenda 

Side sessions are fully organised by partners and might not reflect the views of the OECD 

Day 1 :

February 1, 2021
14:30 - 16:00
SIDE SESSION - Decent work and transparency in the garment sector: Emerging stronger from the COVID-19 crisis
by ITC-UNECE Review of progress made under European Union DEVCO programme on Transparency and Traceability implemented by the United Nations ITC & UNECE and partners. Tools, methodologies, practical lessons learned from 2020 to emerge stronger from COVID-19 crisis and enhance decent work in the garment sector. Please register in advance to this side session:

Day 2 :

February 2, 2021
08:30 - 10:00
SIDE SESSION - Together for Decent Leather – from precarious jobs to decent work
by Together for Decent Leather Consortium Together for Decent Leather is a 3-year programme run by an Asian-European NGO consortium aiming to bring about improvements in working conditions of vulnerable workers in the supply chain of leather-based garments.  This session will  explore the causes and consequences of precarious and insecure work and the particular challenges faced by vulnerable groups of workers in this particular sub-sector of the garment industry, and to discuss ways forward. For more information on this session, please visit our website:
10:30 - 11:30
SIDE SESSION - Preventing and Remediating Child Labour in the Garment Supply Chain
by ILO’s Child Labour Platform and The Centre for Child Rights and Business COVID-19 may reverse years of progress against child labour, including in the garment industry and supply chain. To support effective due diligence against child labour in the industry, the ILO’s Child Labour Platform and the Centre for Child Rights and Business will launch Supplier Guidance on Child Labour for the Garment Industry. Join us to learn more about the challenge, receive an advance copy of the Guidance and learn how it can help identify, prevent and remediate child labour. To Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 993 9547 2462 Find your local number:
12:00 - 13:00
SIDE SESSION - Investors’ perspective: How COVID-19 exacerbated the need to ensure workers’ livelihoods and accelerate the payment of living wages
by Platform Living Wage Financials (PLWF) Payment of living wages can play a pivotal role in building resilient supply chains and contribute to substantially reduce the pressure on garment workers. During the session the Platform Living Wage Financials (PLWF) will explain how they leverage their influence as investors to accelerate the payment of living wages in the industry through their meaningful engagement and assessment efforts. For more information on this session, please visit our website:
13:00 - 14:00
SIDE SESSION - Is Social Dialogue Part of Fashion’s Post-Covid Cure?
By Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation and Cornell University New Conversations Project (NCP) The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented test for industrial relations systems in garment-producing countries and an existential threat to many factories and workers in the industry as a whole. This crisis has proven to be the ultimate “stress test” on social dialogue systems globally. In this session the New Conversations Project and the Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation will share the results of research done in ten garment producing countries on the impact of social dialogue on Covid-19 responses and aim to answer the question: Does social dialogue work as a way to cope with COVID? Please register in advance to this side session: Session available on replay here:
15:30 - 16:30
SIDE SESSION - Is the shift to plant-based materials in textile a sustainable solution for forests?
by amfori More textile companies now consider switching from plastics and animal-based products to plant-based products. As a result, over 150 million trees are logged annually to make cellulose for clothing. To avoid that this shift drives more deforestation, how can due diligence processes make sure that plant-based materials are sustainably sourced? Please register in advance to this side session: Watch session on replay here:

Day 3 :

February 5, 2021
08:30 - 11:30
SIDE SESSION - Empowering Workers and Building Partnerships for a Sustainable Garment Sector: The European Union and Better Work Partnership Event
by the EU and Better Work The European Union and Better Work are partnering toward more resilient, responsible and sustainable global garment value chain. The event highlights our work from the factory-level to the policy-level and how it translates to positive impacts on workers in the global industry. Please register in advance for this side event:
12:00 - 13:15
SIDE SESSION - Standard Convergence Initiative (SCI) - Criteria and Measurement of Progress
by International Apparel Federation (IAF) and International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) in collaboration with International Trade Centre (ITC) The ITMF and the IAF have started the Standard Convergence Initiative (SCI). The SCI collaborates with ITC to create transparency in the conduct of the main standard holders, measuring to what extent they contribute to the reduction of audit and standard fatigue, using four criteria the SCI has developed. Please register to that session in advance on