Government Beyond Recovery: Towards a future-fit public sector

Panel Discussion: Inclusive services: Building trust in public institutions

Oct 19 10:15 - 11:30

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The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of public trust for the effectiveness of public policies. Existing services and policy instruments were quickly adapted, meeting the expectation of citizens to keep them safe during the crisis. However, a key risk during crises and phases of recovery arises if citizens feel alienated, excluded or left behind. This can happen if public services do not reach all segments of the population according to their needs, at the time of policy design as well as delivery. OECD evidence, based on the population survey on drivers of trust in government, shows that responsiveness and reliability of public services are two main determinants of people’s trust in public institutions, alongside with perception of fairness in the process and outcomes, government integrity and openness. This session will analyse the importance of inclusive policymaking tools and processes (e.g. co-creation) to build trust, not only across groups of people and places but also different public institutions themselves.