Government after shock: An unconventional event for unconventional times


Across all stages of COVID-19, Microsoft has been, and will continue to be, a trusted partner focused on empowering people, enhancing governments, and enabling societies. We will discuss how we enable remote access for services, empower cross agency collaboration, and deliver trusted and secure services across government agencies. This is highlighted throughout our work on data & AI for good, our unique ability to advance the skills of government employees and help agencies build trust while serving as a thought leader in accessibility. 

Microsoft is delighted to have Dr. Julia Glidden, CVP World Wide Public Sector, participate in the panel, Data Governance for a Digitally-Enabled State, which will look at what needs to be done to realize the potential of a full data-driven public sector. In addition, Microsoft is hosting a local event which brings perspectives from government, the private sector, IGOs, and NGOs on how data can be used to drive informed decision making, particularly in times of crisis.