2020 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Weeks


As a result of the pandemic outbreak, governments are facing greater pressures to achieve sustainable long-term growth. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the important benefits of planning and delivering infrastructure that actively contributes to environmental and social objectives. As highlighted by 77% of the participants of the webinar on “Strategic Planning of Infrastructure for the Recovery Phase”, providing environmental and social benefits is considered one of the most important priority objectives of infrastructure programmes in the COVID-19 context. While new infrastructure assets need to be planned, designed and built existing infrastructure assets will also need to be retrofitted or adjusted to support different uses and increase resilience against future shocks. Good governance can help governments ensure that both public and private resources can fund these initiatives. This session will cover how a robust infrastructure governance framework could provide countries with the right tools to integrate resilience at the core of infrastructure policies and implementation and to ensure that infrastructure investments work towards meeting sustainable development objectives.