2020 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Weeks


The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of ensuring regional and local resilience to crisis, shock and unexpected change. Subnational governments are responsible for almost 60% of public investment in OECD countries. They play an important role in long-term investment choices related to energy, transport, water, digital and health infrastructure. Constructive relationships among levels of government can help decision-makers collaboratively identify the infrastructure necessary to achieve post-crisis economic and societal objectives. Yet, such relationships are frequently challenged by limited institutional ability and constrictive frameworks. Upgrading decision-making processes and tools to ensure coordinated national, regional and local infrastructure investment objectives is long overdue. So is supporting a more strategic approach to infrastructure investment at all levels of government. This session focuses on how multi-level governance systems can support better and smarter infrastructure investment and how they can ensure the COVID-19 recovery process also generates more balanced and sustainable regional development.