2020 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Weeks


Infrastructure investment and delivery will be at the core of economic and social recovery. While many countries have already pledged to invest more in infrastructure, it will be first and foremost about investing better and smarter than before. Restoring sustainable growth cannot ignore infrastructure, and we cannot afford to waste time, money and efforts in unfit-for-purpose – or worse failed – infrastructure projects. This is why infrastructure governance matters more than ever to address the lasting consequences of the coronavirus crisis. The current economic, fiscal and social context calls for institutions and decision-making processes that are both coherent and transparent, and effective and responsive to rapidly evolving contexts. The new Recommendation on the Governance of infrastructure, which was launched at the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, provides good practices to strengthen the infrastructure planning, delivery and decision-making process. It supports a whole-of-government approach and covers the entire life cycle of infrastructure projects, putting special emphasis on regional, social, gender, and environmental considerations. This session will focus on how to build the right institutional capacities and develop the appropriate decision-making processes to ensure that public investment contributes to a sustainable rebound. In particular, it will discuss how the recommendation can serve as a tool to support the linkages between expected large economic stimulus interventions, long-term infrastructure programmes and multidisciplinary objectives, such as resilience, social inclusion, sustainable growth and gender equality. It will also discuss the role of countries and international organisations in promoting the sustainability agenda for better infrastructure.