MENA-OECD Government-Business Summit


Sahar Aloul


Executive team member


Sahar Aloul Is a women’s rights activist and an executive team member of SADAQA, a leading feminist and women’s economic rights organization in Jordan. In her capacity at SADAQA, Sahar leads advocacy efforts aiming of lowering the three main structural barriers for women to enter the workforce in Jordan including the lack of workplace daycares, public transport, and pay inequity. These efforts successfully culminated in amending the Jordanian Labour Code in 2019 to make more gender-sensitive, and in widening the social protection umbrella for working mothers and underpaid care workers in daycares. Sahar has been responsible for launching several studies and nationwide campaigns, and coordinating community and civil society efforts pertaining to the rights of public transport users and women’s rights to a violence and harassment-free work environment. Sahar’s main areas of specialization are care economy and gender and transportation.

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