MENA-OECD Government-Business Summit

Mar 30th | 12:40 pm - 01:50 pm

Enhancing connectivity and value chain participation



The development of global value chains, with production spread across different countries worldwide, has been a major business trend for several decades. The pandemic crisis has led to reflections in business and policy communities pondering the advantages and fragilities associated with the segmentation of production in distant countries. The limits set by insufficient infrastructure affect the geography of production, but also the mobility of people across countries and regions, accompanied by the circulation of ideas, innovation and culture. This session will discuss the opportunities for MENA countries to reorient industrial production in the aftermath of the pandemic, in a context of proximisation of supply chains. The session will consider potential external co-operation and regional integration not only between MENA countries themselves and with Europe, but also the rest of Africa. The discussion will reflect on existing challenges, in particular the completion of regional infrastructure networks.

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