MENA-OECD Government-Business Summit


Rania Al Mashat

Ministry of International Cooperation, Egypt



Dr. Al-Mashat is Egypt’s Minister of Interna8onal Coopera8on, in December 2019. Prior to this appointment, she was the first woman to serve as Egypt’s Minister of Tourism between January 2018 and December 2019. Previous posi8ons included Advisor to the Chief Economist of the Interna8onal Monetary Fund (IMF), Sub-Governor for Monetary Policy at the Central Bank of Egypt, and Senior Economist at the IMF. The Ministry of Interna8onal Coopera8on oversees an ac8ve partnerships porRolio exceeding USD25 billion and is mandated to strengthen Egypt’s inclusive mul8lateral, regional and bilateral engagement with development partners, governments, global policy makers, the United Na8ons, private sector and civil society to deliver the Na8onal Economic Agenda, consistent with the UN SDGs, aimed at achieving a circular economy. As Minister of Tourism, Dr. Al-Mashat launched the Egypt—Tourism Reform Program (E—TRP), a structural reform program designed as a comprehensive, coherent, and consistent policy framework aimed at unleashing the poten8al of Egypt’s tourism sector, which represented 15% of the country’s GDP. With the implementa8on of E—TRP, tourism revenues recorded the highest in Egypt’s history, accelera8ng by 66% from USD7.2 billion in January 2018 to USD13.1 billion in December 2019. Dr. Al-Mashat has received a number of interna8onal and domes8c awards and recogni8ons; the “2019 Global Champion Award” from the World Tourism and Travel Council for launching the Egypt —Tourism Reform Program that has created resilience to the sector; the “2019 Global Leader’s Award for Outstanding Contribu8on to the Industry”, and the “2019 Leadership in Tourism Award” from the Interna8onal Ins8tute for Peace and Tourism. She was selected among the top 50 most influen8al women in the Egyp8an economy in 2015; the 2014 and 2015 “Choiseul Ins8tute 100 Africa: Economic Leaders for Tomorrow”; the 2014 Young Global Leaders (YGL) by the World Economic Forum (WEF); the 2014 top 10 most powerful women in the Egyp8an Banking Sector in the survey conducted by the Bassera Center. She was also selected to the Government of France’s 2013 Interna8onal Visitor Leadership Program; the 2013 Dis8nguished Alumni Award, School of Business, American University in Cairo, and the 2004 Ibn Khaldoun prize for the best paper on one or more Middle Eastern countries given by the Middle East Economic Associa8on. The paper 8tled “Monetary Policy and Public Debt Management: An Empirical Assessment of the Egyp8an Experience”. She received her PhD and MA from UMCP. She received her BA in Economics from the American University in Cairo.