MENA-OECD Government-Business Summit


Tuna Sahin

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB)



Born in Yozgat in 1972, Mr. SAHIN obtained his high school diploma from TED Ankara College in 1990 and bachelor degree from METU Engineering Faculty, Metallurgical Engineering Department in February 1995. After working in different positions (Calibration Expert, Machine Laboratory Responsible, Quality Chief Auditor) in TSE between 1995 and 1999, and as adviser to the Minister of Industry and Trade in 1999, he has been in different services in KOSGEB since August, 2000. These services include president advisory and vice chairmanship and vice presidency which is still going on since January 12, 2018. He was the member of MEKSA Foundation, TÜBİTAK-MAM Advisory Board, Advisory Board of Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK), TSE Vice Chairman of the Committee on the Impartiality, Chairman of Technical Committee of TSE Management Systems, Chairperson of TSE Supervision Committee, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF A.Ş) and Member of Board of Directors of Turkey Technology Fund (TTGV). At present, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Investment Initiative (TII), Member of Board of Directors of KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. Co Mr. SAHİN is also the member of the Association of KOSGEB members and TED Ankara College Alumni Association. He was member of OECD WPSMEE bureau and part of OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Programme as Lead Rewiever. Married with 2 children, Mr. SAHIN has very good command of English and intermediate level French as foreign languages.

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