Forum 2020 Series: Communicating on Public Health and Vaccines in a Climate of Misinformation


Lara Clements

Head of Audiences and Evaluation
Wellcome Trust


Lara Clements has worked with a wide range of charities, from the Gates Foundation, to the Bat Conservation Trust. Currently, she is also a Trustee at the Stained Glass Museum, Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire. She has been at Wellcome for over 4 years as Head of Audiences and Evaluation, after spending the previous nearly 5 years at Public Health England in a variety of roles, such as Head of Marketing (Ageing Well and Health Protection); Marketing Planner - Starting Well (Children, Young people and Families); and Head of Youth Marketing developing a new content-based marketing strategy targeting 11-19 year olds across a range of health issues.