Global Forum on Tourism Statistics, Knowledge and Policies

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High-level opening remarks / Scene setter

Nov 5, 2021 | 6:30 AM - 6:45 AM


The COVID-19 pandemic has been widely seen as presenting society at all levels with a chance to rethink fundamental values and needs, providing the opportunity to build back better. Like others, the tourism sector must seize this opportunity. This will require greater emphasis on the development of co-ordinated, data-driven and forward-looking approaches across all levels of government, to adapt to the changed and increasingly complex tourism policy and data environment, and provide responses to emerging and priority policy issues and long term structural challenges. This final session will consider the need for new data capabilities to support the tourism policy agenda in a rapidly changing world. The pandemic exposed shortcomings in tourism statistical information systems, and the challenges this poses to quantify the current and future impacts of the crisis on tourism, given a lack of robust, comparable and timely data. Significant improvements and innovative data approaches are needed to adapt to the new data environment, meet changing user needs, and enable more effective data-driven policy decisions, including to integrate non-conventional data sources and methods into the tourism data ecosystem.