OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum

2021 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum

16-24 September 2021

This year’s Global Blockchain Policy Forum  will be held virtually

Blockchain’s ability to govern markets and interactions though protocols and code, rather than law and policy, represents a potentially significant step towards economic decentralisation and disintermediation. While distributed systems may eventually displace existing governance structures, they also offer an opportunity to strengthen and streamline them – to explore new and better ways of exchanging value, allocating capital, connecting people and organisations, and promoting cooperation between nations. The 4th edition of the annual OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum delves into recent developments and emerging challenges to take a balanced assessment of blockchain’s use and potential in supporting global markets and the rules and norms that underpin them. From strengthening cross-border commerce and international regulatory cooperation, to better connecting companies with investors and capital, and bringing new levels of transparency to the digital economy and control over our lives online. As in previous years, the Forum provides a platform for the public and private sectors to come together to exchange information, perspectives and priorities across the many areas where blockchain and public policy intersect. 

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