Innovative approaches for future-ready adult learning systems


Day 1 :

31st January 2022
Opening plenary
Opening remarks from JPMorgan Chase Foundation and policy makers on adult learning strategies.
Coaching adults to train
How can we provide more tailored career advice? Which institutions - public or private - are best placed to deliver career guidance to adults? This panel discussion will present some innovative examples of career guidance. Discussion tables will follow.
Leveraging technology in adult learning
How can technology improve adult learning? This panel of experts will discuss innovative uses of technology in adult training provision. Discussion tables will follow.
Industry-led talent development
How can firms contribute to designing adult training programs? This panel of experts will discuss sectoral approaches to upskilling and reskilling. Discussion tables will follow.

Day 2 :

1st February 2022
Reaching out to vulnerable adults
How can adults who do not train be encouraged to participate? What types of outreach methods are most effective, and for whom? This panel of experts will discuss the barriers standing in the way of greater participation and inclusiveness in training. Discussion tables will follow.
Sharing responsibility
How can financial support be adapted to local labour market circumstances or to better meet individual or firm needs? This panel of experts will share their experiences in designing and implementing innovative strategies for funding adult learning. Discussion tables will follow.
Preparing workers for the green transition
How can we make sure that we have the workers we need to support the green transition? This panel of experts will discuss innovative initiatives to forecast workers needed in green jobs, and prepare workers for the green transition. Discussion tables will follow.
Closing plenary
Closing remarks from a panel of experts who will share their strategic vision for the future.